Rollco® LWS 101
Rollco® LWS 111
Rollco® LWS 125

Features / Advantages

Technical data

Rollco® LWS 101

Cycles20 Cycles / day
Maximum load weight25kg / m
Weight5,5kg / m
Maximum entrance width4000mm

Rollco® LWS 111

Maximum load weight60kg/lfm
Weight9kg / m
Maximum entrance width6,25m
Maximum profile length8,4m

Rollco® LWS 125

Maximum load weightup to 150kg / m
Weight15kg / m
Maximum entrance width9,1m
Maximum profile length12m

Rollco® kits

Rollco® LWS 101 – SET

6000mm Steel profile
2 Pieces rolling gear

Recommended accessories

End plates

Limit stops

Guide-in bracket

Guide-in Frok with rollers

Console for guide-in brackets or guide-in fork

Guide bracket


Corrosion protection tape

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