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Features / Advantages

Control unit

ST 51
  • Large, illuminated LC-Display (2 x 16 characters)
  • Clear text menu programmable through 4 buttons
  • Slot for pluggable radio receiver
  • Direct connection of 8,2 kΩ safety sensing edges
    separated (inside/outside)
  • Status display for safety and impulse inputs
  • Self-monitoring of the photocell
  • Adjustable soft stop
  • Selectable operating modes (impulse, automatic, deadman)
  • Adjustable partial opening for pedestrians also
    with single leaf operation
  • Partial opening controllable via radio
  • Downloadable memory of the last 800 cycles

Technical data

Gate weight400kg400kg
Max. leaf width1,8m2,5m
Travel speed10mm/s10mm/s
Duty cycle30% S330% S3
Power supply230V230V
Max. opening angle110°110°
Max. thrust3000N3000N
Working stroke285mm285mm

Gate weight600kg600kg
Max. leaf width2,5m4m
Travel speed10mm/s10mm/s
Duty cycle40% S340% S3
Power supply230V230V
Max. opening angle110°110°
Max. thrust4500N4500N
Working stroke285mm285mm

Gate weight600kg600kg
Max. leaf width3m6m
Travel speed20mm/s10mm/s
Duty cycle40% S340% S3
Power supply230V230V
Max. opening angle110°110°
Max. thrust3000N4500N
Working stroke445mm445mm

Scope of delivery

Kit includes

2 Antriebe inkl. Montagematerial
1 Control unit ST 51
1 Receiver RS 868 2-channel
2 transmitters RS 868-4M, 4-channel
1 pair photocells LS180
1 Detailed installation manual

Recommended accessories

Electric lock, magnetic clamp

Motorized drop bolt Safelock


LED system

Radio system

Key switches

Safety devices

LED traffic light

Documents & Downloads

alternativer text

Clear text menu programmable via four buttons in 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Polish

Save energy! When in standby mode the intelligent control switches off unused devices and thus achieves an extremely low power consumption of only 1 Watt in standby mode! This saves valuable energy.
A high-resolution sensor monitors engine speed and power for maximum safety and comfort.