Equipment PASS 838

schranke kl 06

LED – Signal lamp

The bright and economical flashing light always reliably informs about an upcoming
beam movement. Thanks to modern LED technology the frequent changing of bulbs
belongs to the past.

schranke kl 06


Mounted directly below the boom, the barrier ca be used for non-contact vehicle detection and/or as (additional) safety device.

schranke kl 06

Freely configurable beam lamp (red LED)

The beam is always visible, weather in the darkness or in case of bad weather conditions.The optional tip rest helps to relieve the barrier mechanism when in closed position. Additionally by using the tip rest a safe entry of the beam is made possible.

schranke kl 06

Pendulum arm

Thanks to the dampening effect of the optional stabilizer excessive ringing is prevented and thus protects the barrier mechanism.

schranke kl 06

Boom Grid

As additional blockade, all barriers of PASS series can be equipped with a beam grid.

schranke kl 06

Tip rest

The optional tip rest helps to relieve the barrier mechanism when it is in closed position. Additionally by using the tip rest a safe entry of the boom is made possible.

schranke kl 06

Magnet for the boom

A strong magnet can fix the beam more reliably, so that it is more difficult to force it.

schranke kl 06

Articulated beam bracket

By using the folding bracket it is possible to install a barrier also if you have a low clearance heights. Quickly and easily.

schranke kl 06

Induction loop

All barriers of the PASS series have a slot for induction loop detectors. This allows even the most demanding operating logics - such as detection of directions - to be easily implemented.

schranke kl 06

Vehicle impact protection

The impact protection made of solid steel protects against collision damage.

schranke kl 06

Barrier housing with traffic light

The sophisticated design allows the trafiic light to be placed directly on the barrier housing. Additional costs for a separate traffic light column are omitted.

schranke kl 06

Contactless access control system

In its elegant housing lies a perfect control system suitable for  "stand-alone" and network operation. Thanks to its software maps and time can be managed separately.

schranke kl 06

Token checker

Token checkers for companies and institutions that want to provide their customers free parking spaces available at any time. The tousek token checker is ideal for this or similar applications and can be integrated into the standard column.

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